Giant Hand

1.7m high

Created for a client in Hamburg, Stylo were asked to produce a one-off model of the FESPA themed, robot hand. Creating this model would stretch the capabilities of the GIANT3D printing and finishing team at Stylo, but we were more than up for the challenge. In less than 16 hours the Stylo team had printed the 1.7m 3D model.

Perfume Bottle

1m high

Stylo were approached to produce exact, large-scale replicas of three L’Oreal perfume bottles for Debenhams Oxford Street Christmas window display. The window display featured L’Oréal’s distinctive La Vie est Belle (LVEB), Black Opium and Si perfume bottles at an impressive metre height.

Buddha Head

1.8m high

Stylo printed this GIANT3D Buddha head for leading model maker Anarchy to use to make a mould, from which they created a fibre-glass finshed model for intial internal presentation and subsequent external use. The mould can now be used to cost effectively re-produce further models.

Easter Island

1.6m high

One of the first GIANT3D prints commissioned by Stylo, the team printed one of the Moai human oversized head statues from the iconic Easter Island in Polynesia. Recognised globally, this statue was printed in only 7 hours and finished by our in-house team in a Metallia spray and polished for a metallic finish for showcase at the Business Design Centre


2.5m wide

Stylo were approached by an independent restaurant owner to produce an iconic film model for his Jamaican themed restaurant. The replica Jamaican 1988 Winter Olympic Bobsleigh as seen in the film Cool Runnings, was to be placed in his restaurant shop front window.

Standing Giant Light

1.6m high

A subtle piece of work designed for an artist’s exhibition gallery, this giant light is both intriguing as well as showing the functional side of 3D printing.

Mannequin Torso

1.2m high

This GIANT3D print was a mannequin torso prototype, produced for client testing and approval prior to mass production in the far-east. This provided a fast, accurate and cost effective method of prototyping.

Aftershave Bottle

1m high

Manufactured in one piece, this GIANT3D Aftershave bottle was printed for use within an in-store display at a leading UK department store as part of a promotional campaign. This project illustrates how GIANT3D technology is transforming the way high-level retail, marketing and advertising projects are created.

Cartoon Characters

0.5m high

Inject some super-size fun and energy into your displays with a GIANT3D model such as this cheeky chap. Models like this are a great illustration of how a mascot can be brought to life for displays in a quick and cost effective way.

3D Advertising Boards

48 Sheet

For that something extra and a promotion that cannot be ignored, GIANT3D print enables signage and advertising companies to quickly and cost-effectively produce visually striking campaigns that standout from the crowd. This is a perfect illustration of how GIANT3D print can expand your range of production with highly impactful 3D generated advertising boards.

Thor's Hammer

0.5m long

Legend has it that the God of Thunder’s hammer can only be lifted by those of Asgard. Here at Stylo we are always up for a challenge and for comic-con we were asked to produce a detailed replica of Thor’s legendary item. Our 3D print team produced a lightweight replica that our finishing team added the authentic touches to in time to be a stand out piece at a convention. Mjolnir now rests in our showroom waiting for its next worthy owner.

Giant Bull

2.5m long

Produced in several sections and bound together this impressive piece was used at the entrance of an exhibition. Surprisingly light for the sheer size of the bull, the owners were able to transport and move the bull around freely.


1.8m high

This colourful flamingo was commissioned as part of a Carolina Herrera display by Big Apple Visual Group, a partner company in the US and can be found in the world’s largest department store in New York.

Giant Watch

0.8m high

Constructed out of 3D printed parts for display at an event, this unique eye-catching replica of a Tissot watch illustrates how GIANT3D print methods go beyond those that can be achieved with 2D large format printing solutions.

VM Awards Statue

2.5m high

Stylo produced this giant VM Award for prime placement on the stage during the VM Awards last year, which were hosted by celebrity Rylan Clark. 2500mm high and painted gold to match the actual awards, we took an original 600mm high award, scanned it to produce a CAD file and then printed and painted the final result – all this within 1 week!

Balloon Dog

2m long

Based on Jeff Koons ‘Balloon dog’, one of Stylo’s early prints was our Mr P. He was printed and put on show at the 100% Design show attracting lots of visitors to our stand. He now keeps watch over our fabrication team.


1.6m high

Developed for display in a well know hardware store chain, this giant 3D drill was placed on an end of aisle display, catching the attention of everyone who entered the store.

Sea Shell

1.6m high

You can’t go to the beach and not see a seashell or an ice cream van and for one forward thinking entrepreneur, he had a giant 3D seashell printed and placed outside of the van. Visitors to the area stopped and took selfies with the shell whilst eating their locally produced ice cream, increasing his business.

Chess pieces

1.7m high

Made originally for a bespoke garden feature these giant chess pieces gave the client’s garden an extra grand master feel. They look perfect for an extravagant garden party, or a prop at a themed evening. The pieces were printed in only a few hours and finished to the client’s specifications.

Coffee Cup

1m high

Produced for a high-street retailer, this GIANT3D coffee cup was situated at the front of the store. Simplistic but effective, the coffee cup stopped passers-by in their tracks and drew attention to the store, increasing their footfall.

Rustonian Girl

1.6m high

Ideal for retail displays, this mannequin was produced with the highest quality in mind and was finished with a Rustoleum paint process to create a stone effect, making it durable for the retail environment.


1.2m high

This very special geometric origami-style deer head was printed by our GIANT3D team and is a quirky take on the more traditional animal heads. Owing to the angular nature of this white deer head, items can be hung from its antlers making it both funky and functional.

Louis vuitton

10m wide

Believed to be the world’s first 3D printed pop-up retail store on behalf of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton, this eye-catching 9m-wide, 10m-long and 2.7m-high structure was created on a 3D Printer in just 18 days by partner company OMUS in Melbourne, Australia. The entire display was then finished in chrome mirror self-adhesive vinyl, adorned with distinctive Louis Vuitton-designed animal prints matching the theme of the menswear collection on display.

Giant Trainer

2m high

This giant 3D printed trainer was produced by partner company, Dekom3D in Zurich, for an exhibition display. Modelled on a major trainer brand, this colourful GIANT3D print drew people to the stand and illustrates how you can turn imaginative ideas into reality.

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Lovers Statue

2.5m high

One of the first GIANT3D prints commissioned by Stylo, this Art deco themed ‘Lovers statue’ was created for a display at the 100% Design Show and can now be found in our Stylo showrooms!